Gandante reveals Ghent secrets

Gandante is an association of +/- 30 enthusiast city guides, who are happy to share their love for Ghent with you. We show you around in Ghent and its environment. Our guides are not only specialists concerning the history and architecture of Ghent but will be happy to show you the best places to enjoy a Belgian beer, to taste typical sweets or to relax with a hot cup of coffee.

About Gandante

If you are already familiar with our city, you can choose among a wide range of thematic walks. Just let us know what kind of tour you are looking for! We also guide on demand, and you can even discover Ghent with a pair of binoculars. Each tour lasts 1:30 to 2:00 hours and costs 115 euros. Each guide can take up to 25 people. Interested? Our office staff will be happy to help you.

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Gandante is part of Artoria, an umbrella organization active in the event sector. We work together with the Ghent guide organization Gandante and the Meetjesland with the Meetjesland guides.

We rely on an extensive team of experienced guides and researchers. This experience helps us to manage every event smoothly.

    A skyline with 3 towers, a medieval castle, an ancient port mixed with industrial remains, modern architecture and a vibrant cultural life… On a traditional city tour “highligts and hidden treasures“ you will be introduced into the historical heart of the city with a keen eye for the most prominent buildings and monuments such as the Belfry (Belfort) and the Cloth Hal (Lakenhalle), Town Hall (Stadhuis), Castle of the Counts (Gravensteen), Saint Bavo’s Cathedral (Sint-Baafskathedraal), the old Guildhouses etc. Apart from its rich history, Ghent has a wide range of high end restaurants, bars and cosy coffee houses to offer. A standard tour lasts one and a half to two hours and costs 115 euros.
    We have a formula where you can see the listed sights in an hour, the explanation remains concise. For “Ghent in one hour” you pay 80 euros.
    Why not book an evening walk? The city is beautifully lit. The rates are the same as during the day: 115 euros for a standard walk, 80 euros for an hour.
    Our guides take you on a walk during which you can taste Ghent specialities on the way: ham, cheese, mustard, a beer, chocolate. The guide tells anecdotes about the Ghent cuisine and delicacies. You pay – on top of the price of the tour – 15 euros per person for the tasters. For day programmes with meals included, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
    A good idea! The car free city centre is easily crossed by bike. A bike gives you the freedom to explore the 19th century belt around the centre or to discover new places tob e, such as Dok Noord. It also offers the opportunity to go deeper into themes such as spatial planning or urban development. The guide will pick you up at the place where you rent the bikes and will bring you yellow shirts, which you can use. A two-hour bike ride costs 115 euros, for three hours you pay 140 euros. Bicycles must be hired by yourself. For a guided tour by bike, the guides take only 20 persons.
    We have developed a nice quest for small groups. All you have to do is buy a little booklet. 10 euros/booklet. Browsing around in the historical city’ that takes participants through all the little nooks and main squares in the city center of Ghent.